Yealink VP59 Zoom Phone Appliance

Based on Android 9.0
Native Zoom user interface
8 inch (1280 x 800) capacitive adjustable touch screen
2 mega-pixel HD camera with privacy shutter
Yealink USB camera UVC30 Room (Coming soon)
Built-in Bluetooth 4.2
Built-in dual band 2.4G/5G Wi-Fi
Dual-port USB 2.0
Dual-port Gigabit Ethernet, PoE support
HDMI port for connection to monitor or TV
Full-duplex hands-free speakerphone with AEC
Support Zoom/Yealink device management platform

Datasheet  Yealink VP59 Zoom Edition
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Seamless Zoom Phone and Meetings Experience

Certified as Zoom Phone Appliance, Yealink VP59 provides both Zoom Phone and Meetings capabilities, enabling users to collaborate effortlessly with premium video, audio, and content sharing features.


Yealink VP59 Zoom Phone Appliance - YEALINK Hong Kong Distributor - 香港代理 SIPMAX | Tel 852 2153 0231


Ready and Easy to Meet with
Superb Audio and Video

Adopting an 8” color touchscreen, the VP59 offers an intuitive and native Zoom client interface for easy and productive collaboration.

This flagship phone is also prominent for the HD audio/video delivery and distraction-free experience in meetings and callings with professional hardware and acoustic technology of Yealink.

Yealink VP59 Zoom Phone Appliance - YEALINK Hong Kong Distributor - 香港代理 SIPMAX | Tel 852 2153 0231

Versatile Collaboration
at Your Fingertips

Working as Zoom Phone Appliance, the VP59 comes with enriched and simplified collaboration capabilities including whiteboard, content sharing, in-meeting chat and so on.

The integrated functionalities along with consistent Zoom experience help reduce the learning curve and improve the efficiency of interaction.

Yealink VP59 Zoom Phone Appliance - YEALINK Hong Kong Distributor - 香港代理 SIPMAX | Tel 852 2153 0231

More Expansion Possibilities
for Various Spaces and Scenarios

Enabled for HDMI output feature, the VP59 is able to offer optimized visual experience by connecting to a TV or a monitor. The VP59 can be utilized to turn a huddle space into a video meeting room with a UVC30 camera and a CPW90 wireless microphone, working together as an ideal video conferencing solution (*coming soon).

With the Bluetooth/Wi-Fi connectivity, the VP59 also empowers hybrid workflows with increased mobility and flexibility in communication.

Yealink VP59 Zoom Phone Appliance - YEALINK Hong Kong Distributor - 香港代理 SIPMAX | Tel 852 2153 0231

Efficient Provisioning and Management

Yealink VP59 supports efficient auto-provisioning mechanism of phone deployment and configuration, allowing the administrators to take advantage of centralized deployment, management and update. Moreover, VP59 is compatible with several device management platforms, including Zoom/Yealink Device Management Platform.



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Our technical support team offer a wide range of knowledge and expertise. With the PBX and VoIP experience we feel that your questions could not be in better hands.

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We are accredited to run a number training courses that are aimed at increasing the knowledge of our resellers on the products we represent.

Our Team are often engaged by manufacturers and service providers on a consultancy basis. Areas of expertise where we have consulted in the past include, product specification, protocol design, system engineering design, building of provisioning platforms and interop testing.

Pre-sales advice
We offer a sales support service, which includes a wide range of voice product knowledge and deployment advise in HK and Macau.

Equipment Repairs
If you have an out of warranty product, that develops a fault we may still be able to help to get your phone working again.


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