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Fanvil SIP Speaker

SIP Speaker 是在Fanvil VoIP的技術基礎上專門針對行業用戶需求研發的 一款SIP Speaker 產品,語音傳輸採用標準的IP / RTP協議,它很好的繼承了 F門妁中IP Phone兼容性好的優點,可完美兼容當下所有基於SIP的主流IP PBX / 軟交換/ IMS平台,例如Asterisk,Broadsoft,3CX,Elastix等,為用戶快速部署 設備提供了方便。

  • Fanvil SIP Speaker Fanvil SIP Speaker Quick View
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      Fanvil SIP Speaker Fanvil SIP Speaker Quick View
    • Fanvil SIP Speaker
    • Compatible with standard SIP (RFC3261) protocol and main IP PBX/IMS platforms All-in-one and wall-mounted design, integrated with network audio codec, digital amplifier and speaker Built-in Hi-Fi 30W speaker Adaptive output power according to the power supply voltage (10W-30W) Video linkage with IP camera to monitor on-site during broadcasting Volume adjustment via online remotely Built-in audio output interface for external active…
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