Yealink EHS36 Wireless Headset Adapter

Talk and receive calls everywhere

• Compatible with Jabra, Plantronics, Sennheiser
• Control phone through the wireless headset
• Plug and play
• Easy to use

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Yealink EHS36 Wireless Headset Adapter

The new advanced Yealink Headset Adapter EHS36 provides the technical interface between Yealink SIP-T48S/T48G/T46S/T46G/T42S/T42G/T41S/T41P/T40G/T40P/T29G/T27G/T27P IP Phones and a compatible wireless headset. It is approved for use with wireless models made by major manufacturers, including Jabra, Plantronics and Sennheiser.

The unit is easy to install via a simple link from the EHS36 to the EXT phone port. Its `plug-and-play’ mode gives you direct control of your Yealink phone, with the ability to answer and hang-up calls remotely.

It has been designed specifically to ensure maximum effectiveness in reception areas, call-centres and general telephone use. The EHS36 is ideal for corporate, financial, health, government, educational, industrial and SME/SoHo market sectors.


Yealink EHS36 Wireless Headset Adapter - Sipmax Hong Kong - 香港代理

* Full compatibility with Jabra, Plantronics and Sennheiser
* Phone control through a wireless headset
* Plug-and-play, easy to use